Palmacea recommended for triangle inverted bodies

Bodies with large bust & small hips

We recommend wearing subtle tops that do not reveal your bust. There are 4 types of busts and we suggest specific cuts for each type. Identify which one do you have.

Round bust: You could wear even strapless or triangle tops.
Conical bust: You need to find a top with padding and support (slide halter or fixed halter top).
Gravity effect bust: You need to find a top with maximum support (wire halter top).
Separate bust: You need to find a top that joins your bust (fixed triangle or fixed halter).
For the bottom we recommend wearing designs with ruffles and trimmings or colorful and striking patterns. This will help to create an illusion of volume, balancing the body attributes.

Retro strapless

Chic cheeky

Fixed halter

Ruffle cheeky

Other shapes